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  • CBD Switzerland Law: The only country in Europe to have a 1% tetrahydrocannabinol threshold and one of the few in the world. CBD CBG CBN CBC cultivation with high content one of the only countries in the world where no license is needed.



  • ​The rest of the European Union is restricted to 0.2 tetrahydrocannabinol with lower levels of CBD content, which are controlled by seven EU certified seeds. Which makes it extremely limited for variety and high-quality CBD to be processed at higher costs for extraction purposes into final products. Switzerland with its under 1% tetrahydrocannabinol threshold allows us to be open to R&D strain varieties, high content CBD that allows processing at a lower cost in terms of extraction.


  • With import-export capabilities to the European Union and most of the globe, Switzerland is essentially a European gateway to be able to import and export raw material and final products to the EU and distribute. Also being in the heart of Europe logistically Switzerland benefits tremendously on its location to be able to move its trade.


  • Branding - when it comes to Swiss Made products the niche exists globally, Swiss Made is globally recognized as top quality high-end products just like Swiss watches, clocks, Swiss chocolates, Swiss cheese & generally dairy products, suitcases, Swiss army knives, cosmetics just to name a few. We are in the process of making our own CBD Cosmetics.  This can happen at a CBD retail level and to be distributed worldwide which will be processed through our GMP Certified lab. Switzerland is also considered as Pharmaceutical European hub, as there are a lot of multi-national pharma companies based here which can be used to our advantage in terms of oils or other products to become future clients


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With now 3+ yrs experience on the Swiss market and its neighboring countries, Austria Germany France & Italy, which is a tremendous advantage on the grand majority of its European competitors. With vast knowledge and experience on the global market Clint Younge ex CEO of MMJ Canada brings an edge which no other company in Switzerland can have access to such huge exposure on a global scale with the already existing Industry in North America and educating and lobbying already in South East Asia which puts Company X in a very strong position.

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